3 Common Misconceptions About Data Security for Microsoft Office 365

3 Common Misconceptions About Data Security for Microsoft Office 365

Many companies rely on Microsoft Office 365 for managing their business operations. Using this technology is especially beneficial for remote employees, as it allows them to access files and folders from nearly anywhere. Unfortunately, many businesses don't create data backups for Microsoft Office 365 due to several misconceptions. Understanding the responsibility of protecting and backing up data for your business is key in keeping your information safe.


Here are a few commonly misunderstood shortcomings related to data backups and security for Microsoft Office 365.


1) Microsoft Office 365 Doesn't Require a Backup

One of the biggest misconceptions about Microsoft Office 365 is that it doesn't require a data backup. For example, Microsoft is responsible for protecting against data loss in the cloud, but it doesn't protect you against user mistakes or ransomware attacks. Accidental deletion of information due to employee mistakes is an all too common problem for many businesses. Ransomware attacks are also becoming much more prevalent, as taking the necessary steps for creating data backups is a necessity in today's work environment.


2) Microsoft Office 365 is Always Available

Another common misconception is believing that Microsoft Office 365 is always available to use at any time. While it's true that Microsoft Office 365 is highly reliable, outages can still happen at unexpected times. Microsoft 365 experienced five different outages within a six-week span in 2020 that impacted businesses across the globe. A lack of access to this data makes it impossible for employees to stay productive. Creating separate data backups of this information is the only way for your business to continue operating during these outages.


3) Microsoft is Responsible for Managing Data Backups

Many businesses falsely assume that Microsoft is responsible for handling data backups. However, Microsoft is only responsible for keeping your data safe in the cloud, as it doesn't take any responsibility in restoring this information if you lose it. Microsoft recommends that businesses partner with a third-service provider for creating data backups as an extra layer of protection.


What is the Shared Responsibility Model?

Understanding the "Shared Responsibility Model" related to data protection is essential before using Microsoft Office 365 or any other Software-as-a-Service provider. Microsoft will protect your data from service interruptions involving software or hardware failure or loss of service related to a power outage or natural disaster. However, each user is responsible for protecting data against accidental deletion, cybersecurity incidents, or malicious insiders.


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