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Internal & Vulnerability External Assessment

99% of computers are vulnerable to hacker attacks.
Find out why and how to get protection.


danger_aheadToday, the number of known software vulnerabilities has reached up to 60,000. It should be no surprise that the number is increasing with every passing year. Someone is always looking to find and exploit these vulnerabilities. More complex IT systems mean better efficiency at one hand but on the other hand, it also means that the system is prone to become vulnerable.

We perform a detailed analysis in order to find both internal and external vulnerabilities in your system. These tests are flexible and are focused to your individual system assessment. It is surely impossible to mitigate potential threats and risks without the knowledge of known vulnerabilities. Once a vulnerability has been identified, a detail report is also formulated. This report includes explanation related to each individual vulnerable point found in your system along with its severity scale. Our experts also provide thorough guidance about the most suitable remedial steps.

What’s Included:
  • Discover and map all visible network devices/ application
  • Identify and remediate network security vulnerabilities
  • Discover potentially exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Detect out-dated software, services, and operating systems
  • Spot un-patched or out-of-date security updates on hosts
  • Measure and manage overall security exposure and risk
  • Ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations


Find out how a network vulnerability scan can give you the visibility, analysis and reporting that you need to protect your network and systems.


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