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Is your virtual environment installed and working as you expected?

If your virtual server infrastructure is not set up and configured properly, you may be at risk of unexpected downtime and expense.

Network Access is offering a design review of your virtual environment. During the review a NetWatchman certified virtualization specialist will help you identify potential areas to improve performance or mitigate the risk of downtime.

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Migrating to a virtual environment offers tremendous benefits of simplifying IT infrastructure management, streamlining disaster recovery, improving network reliability and reducing cost. As an organization adopts virtualization and migrates physical servers and/or desktops to virtualized platforms, that virtual environment inherently becomes even more mission critical.

During the course of migrating to a virtual environment, there are many infrastructure and configuration decisions that need to be determined in advance of an implementation. These decisions will impact the scalability, functionality, reliability and performance of the virtualized environment.

The risks of not having a successful implementation are high from both a financial and technical perspective. Installing, configuring and maintaining a virtual infrastructure requires more than a “learn-as-you-go” strategy.

With Network Access’ Advanced Virtualization Services, our virtualization certified professionals will work with your staff to plan, install and maintain a virtual environment that will meet or exceed your business objectives.

Key discussion areas of Virtualization Design Review include:

  • How were your server and storage sizing requirements determined?
  • How did you evaluate the candidacy of servers to virtualize?
  • How are you currently backing up/replicating your production environment?
  • What considerations were evaluated to establish a network design to support your environment?
  • How are you addressing the security architecture requirements of your virtualized implementation?
  • What is your strategy for patching systems after you virtualize?

Whether you are at the beginning stages of your virtualization evolution or you have had your virtual environment installed for several years, Network Access has the certified expertise
in virtualization and data center technologies.