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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management: A Growing Trend

The use of personal mobile devices to conduct company business has become an everyday occurrence in most organizations. The BYOD or “bring your own device” model continues to gain momentum and is expected to only get stronger.


NetWatchman Mobile Device Management “MDM”

mdm_img11NetWatchman MDM allows organizations to easily manage and secure mobile devices throughout their entire lifecycle. MDM technology is built directly into NetWatchman services, so that all mobile devices can be centrally managed across all client sites from the same interface used to monitor other networks and systems.

The strong capabilities built into NetWatchman MDM enable organizations to fully manage their clients’ Apple iOS® and Google Android™ platform devices to effectively enroll, configure, Collect data, secure and service employee and company-owned mobile devices while safeguarding their IT networks from mobile security threats.

Benefits of NetWatchman MDM Include:

  • Enroll employee and company-owned mobile devices over-the-air
  • Configure and enforce security policies, including passcode complexity requirements
  • Instantly lock or wipe mobile devices in the event a mobile device is lost or stolen
  • Pinpoint the location of a mobile device on a geographical map
  • Minimize data plan overage charges with data plan management

Not Your Standard MDM

The robust functionality of NetWatchman MDM goes far beyond secure and efficient mobile device management. Our experience in the IT services industry and valuable client feedback support a unique feature set that positions NetWatchman MDM ahead of competitive solutions.

CIO.COM - The Bring-Your-Own-Device Phenomenon
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