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Wireless / Mobility

The growth in smart phones, tablets and countless other wireless devices has spawned an era enormous Wi-Fi innovation and adoption.

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We are in the era of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Secure Wireless for businessWith explosive growth in mobility and the need for wireless networks to support growing numbers of users and devices, you can count on Network Access to provide your organization with the most advanced and appropriate technology solutions to meet the most pressing issues that deploying wireless networks presents.

While BYOD and IoT provides unprecedented convenience and information, the influx of new devices and technologies onto networks pose serious questions about Wi-Fi & BYOD Solutions:

  1. How do organizations effectively provision Wifi access for guest users and employees onto the network while ensuring that the proper means of identity management, authentication and reporting capabilities are in place?
  2. How do organizations provision secure application access for BYOD users while meeting the security policy requirements for the organization?
  3. How will an organization’s Wifi infrastructure and access points handle a growing number of user and device connections and bandwidth needs?
  4. How will the introduction of 802.11ac (gigabit wireless), impact an organization’s Wifi infrastructure and design?

It’s Not Just for Email

Businesses are ramping up now to take total advantage of the mobile phenomenon. After spending last year finding how to manage the mass swarm of employee devices, establishing new policies and securing company data in the virtual world, companies now want mobility for everything from increasing sales, to reducing costs.

Outsourcers are now working on something for most types of employees, from executives on. Many businesses have requested mobile enterprise applications, that are connected to enterprise back ends, like SAP and PeopleSoft. Manufacturers have been turning to mobility for tasks, such as inventory, materials management and production tracking. Companies with remote field workers, have countless duties that are right for mobility, including workforce optimization. Even the entertainment industry needed applications that enable collaborative reviews.

Whats to come?

Expect more rapid changes such as significant progress in mobile bandwidth connectivity, processing power, and continued mobile adoption.

“Seamless broadband connectivity at speeds nearing half a gigabit per second, when coupled with quad-core processors running at two GHz and above could be quite transformational, enabling all of us to hold super computing capability in the palm of our hands,” said Dr. Satya Ramaswamy, vice president and global head of the Mobility Solutions Unit for Tata Consultancy Services, “This will enable widespread use of voice-enabled applications that flawlessly understand natural language commands, and enable artificial intelligence to benefit everyone in ways we never imagined before.”

Network Access offers industry leading solutions and options that will help you address these and other important questions related to deploying and managing your Wi-Fi infrastructure. Our certified Solutions Architects and Account Managers can help you select, implement and support a Wi-Fi system that will meet your specific needs and provide your organization with fast, secure and reliable Wi-Fi.
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