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Network Assessment

Stable LAN, Internet and WAN Connectivity are Critical

For many organizations, the loss of internet or WAN connectivity often causes a major business impact and can bring operations to a screeching halt. We all are relying on Internet or WAN connectivity more for mission critical applications such as email, web access, chat, video training, cloud applications and often VOIP.

Network Assessment

Understand What is on Your Network

The Network Assessment is specifically designed to provide expert documentation and analysis of the physical and logical aspects of the network topology and equipment configurations.

Pittsburgh Network AssessmentThe Network Assessment focuses on the customized needs of the client organization while employing the NAC process driven assessment approach. An executive NetWatchman summary and graphic illustration of the findings from multiple perspectives are provided.

The Network Assessment report provided after the diagnostics and discovery has been conducted, is an easy to understand and comprehensive technical explanation of the subject network and is a useful tool for just about any future IT projects. In addition, the report will include recommendations for remediation such as how to modify system configurations, and other necessary changes to best ensure a fast and reliable experience for the users within your organization.

Deliverables of the Network Assessment include:

  • Discover and map all relevant physical network devices
  • Document logical topology including IP addressing, subnets and VLANs
  • Identify network configuration issues
  • Conduct inventory of software, services, and operating systems with End of Life/End of Support analysis
  • Unpatched or out-of-date anomalies on devices
  • Measure overall exposure and risk to downtime due to network failure
  • Analyze redundancy and resiliency consistent with business objectives
  • Ensure compliance with internal policies
  • Provide recommendations consistent with industry best practices