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Penetration Test

Obtain an Accurate Evaluation of Your Risk for Data Breach with a NetWatchman Penetration Test

Recent costly data breaches and cyber-crime have created a heightened awareness of the need for robust and effective IT security testing, validation, and analysis. Without an objective understanding of how a network can be viewed from an organizations publicly facing internet connectivity, one may be left to falsely assume that adequate protections are in place.

Pittsburgh Penetration Test
The NetWatchman Penetration Test focuses on challenging the security controls implemented for protecting an organization’s internal, trusted networks and data assets. The assessment is custom designed to analyze the existing system hosts, firewalls and other network components implemented within the subject organization. An executive summary and graphic illustration of found vulnerabilities from multiple perspectives is provided.

Pen Testing

Deliverable of the External Vulnerability Scan and Penetration Test Assessment:

  • Discover and map all visible network devices/applications
  • Identify and remediate network security vulnerabilities
  • Potentially exploitable vulnerabilities and services
  • Out-dated software, services, and operating systems
  • Un-patched or out-of-date security anomalies on hosts
  • Measure and manage overall security exposure and risk
  • Ensure compliance with internal policies
The Penetration Test report provided after the scanning and analysis has been conducted, is an easy to understand and comprehensive technical explanation of the real and possible threats that exist within the subject organization. In addition, the report will include recommendations for remediation such as how to modify policies, update system configurations, and other necessary changes to best secure your network and systems.

Our penetration testing process involves the following key phases: