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Virtualization Assessment

Design and Deploy your Virtual Environment with Confidence

Having a virtual infrastructure offers benefits of simplifying IT management, disaster recovery, network reliability and cost savings. The importance of properly installing, configuring and maintaining a virtual infrastructure has become more critical than ever.

Pittsburgh Virtualization Assessment

As organizations adopt virtualization, their network and systems become increasingly more dynamic and complex. Often, these organizations do not have trained personnel, refined processes and the right tools to implement and maintain a virtual environment.

The Virtualization Assessment is specifically designed to provide expert documentation, analysis and evaluation of the physical and logical aspects of the virtualized infrastructure, network topology and relevant configurations.

VMware, XenServer, Hyper-V, PittsburghThe Virtualization Assessment focuses on the customized needs of the client organization while employing the NAC process driven assessment approach. NAC process driven assessment approach incorporates VMware’s best practices as outlined by VMware support personnel, administrator guides and web site materials.

An executive summary and graphic illustration of the findings from multiple perspectives is provided.

The Virtualization Assessment report provided after the diagnostics and discovery has been conducted, is an easy to understand and comprehensive technical explanation of the subject infrastructure. In addition, the report will include recommendations for remediation such as how to modify system configurations, and other necessary changes to best ensure a fast and reliable experience for your organization’s users. Network Access Virtualization Services are designed to help you not only reduce costs but more importantly to help reduce the risk of downtime and potential data loss.

Deliverables of the Virtualization Assessment can include:

  • ESX Server Hardware Analysis and Evaluation
  • VMware vCenter Analysis
  • VMware Load Balance Analysis
  • VMware DRS Validation
  • Resource Pool Usage
  • Virtual Machine Analysis
  • SAN Evaluation
  • Potential Performance Improvements
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Evaluation