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Internal Vulnerability Assessment

The challenges of today’s various information security regulations is one of the most daunting and complex issues facing corporate IT today.

The volume of frequency of security incidents has resulted in numerous regulatory compliance requirements legislation, including, among others, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Payment Card Industry (PCI), and contain mandates for regular assessments to maintain compliance standards.

Each of these regulations holds each entity accountable for the protection of private information and requires a comprehensive risk assessment a primary component of an overall security program.

Facing the Challenges of Compliance and Security

With more than 60,000 known software vulnerabilities and countless configuration and access point threats, identifying all of the risks to a network can seem overwhelming, even to the experienced IT professional. Without a complete, unbiased, understanding of how your network can be viewed from outside of your building, your business and your network, you may be left to assume that certain aspects of your infrastructure are secure and not visible to the outside world.

Network Access can assist you in discovering all authorized and unauthorized network resources, how they are used, and determining what risk they pose to the enterprise as well as the criticality of any discovered vulnerabilities. We will guide you through the complex steps of managing the vulnerability life-cycle.

Leaving Nothing to Chance

vulnerability_assessment_img1Our approach to a comprehensive Internal Vulnerability Assessment is about deploying various solutions for network protection, continuously auditing your network to discover vulnerabilities, ensure compliance, and to prioritize remediation according to a hierarchy of risks critical to business operations. This allows you to take control of your network security and confidently eliminate threats, as well as providing a best practice security approach that enables you to easily manage vulnerability and ensure remediation.

Our Internal Vulnerability Assessment focuses on the security controls implemented for your internal, trusted networks. The assessment will be custom designed to cover whatever system platforms, routers, bridges, switches, or other network components that provide the security within your organization.

Features of our Internal Vulnerability Assessment:

  • Discover and map all visible network devices/ applications
  • Identify and remediate network security vulnerabilities
  • Potentially vulnerable services
  • Potentially exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Out-dated software, services, and operating systems
  • Un-patched or out-of-date security updates on hosts
  • Measure and manage overall security exposure and risk
  • Ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations

vulnerability_assessment_img2Creating a Strong Security Plan

The Internal Vulnerability Assessment report we create for you after scanning has been conducted is, a comprehensive technical explanation of real and possible threat points along with recommendations for remediation. We’ll recommend how to modify your policies, update system configurations, and other necessary changes to secure your network.