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Wireless Assessment

Wireless Assessment:  Stop The Plug And Pray Insanity!

Your deployment of a Wi-Fi LANs allows your organization to be more productive by enabling employees to be as mobile as possible. That’s a good thing however, having many users connecting to Wi-Fi infrastructure from a multitude of device types can make planning and troubleshooting a Wi-Fi infrastructure difficult.

Pittsuburgh Wireless Assessment

Pittsburgh WLAN AssessmentThe Wi-Fi Planning and Site Survey assessment service provides analysis needed to design, verify and troubleshoot Wi-Fi effectively with the use of the industry’s leading laptop based Wi-Fi planning tools.

This Wireless Assessment survey provides documentation and reporting that is needed to plan a secure, fast and reliable network design on the specific placement of wireless access points for adequate coverage.

With Network Access’ Wireless Site Heat Map Survey, you will be provided with a graphic heat map illustration of the RF distribution footprint for your wireless 802.11 xx technology plan.

The wireless assessment will also provide you with a signal strength illustration of the expected wireless connection speed, and coverage of your deployment area.

Wireless Assessment ServicesOur wireless certified professionals can meet with you to understand your wireless objectives or challenges and offer a no charge consultation on possible approaches and solutions to meet your needs.