Antivirus is Not Enough – 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs ATP/EDR

Antivirus is Not Enough – 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs ATP/EDR

Keeping your business safe against cyber threats is essential for any organization. Installing the latest antivirus solutions used to be enough to keep your company protected against these threats. However, the world of IT security is quickly evolving, as businesses need additional protection to stay a step ahead of these attacks. Advanced threat protection (ATP) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) provide a much more effective solution against modern-day cybercriminals.

What are ATP and EDR Solutions?

One of the main goals of ATP is to identify potential threats before they cause widespread damage to your business. ATP works around the clock to provide real-time visibility while preventing cybercriminals from breaching your system. Advanced EDR technology also plays a key role in defending your company against cyber attacks by automatically responding to these threats to either remove or contain them. Implementing EDR technology is especially effective at protecting your business against ransomware attacks.

Here are the top reasons why ATP and EDR provide the best level of protection in today's work environment.

1) Quickly Identify Unprotected Devices

Trying to manually keep track of devices on your network is never easy. Using these cybersecurity tools makes it possible for you to identify any unprotected devices using your network. This proactive approach can play a key role in limiting cybersecurity incidents.

2) Gain More Visibility and Control

Another reason to consider ATP and EDR technology is that it provides additional visibility and control over any Bluetooth, USB, or Bluetooth LE device on your network. Implementing this technology allows you to modernize your approach to endpoint security, respond to any events in real-time while also increasing your threat awareness.

3) Autonomous Protection

Using this automated technology provides your business with additional protection while having the ability to work on or off-network. Automating your cyber defense with these tools also makes it possible for you to adapt to threats in real-time while maximizing endpoint security for your organization.

4) Maintain Application Inventory

Tracking all of the different applications used by employees is essential to cybersecurity. Using this technology makes it easy to oversee and manage each application, as you won't have to worry about any unknown devices. Native firewall control is also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users for an added level of security.

5) Easily Manage Threats With Around the Clock Monitoring

Cyber threats can impact your business at any time. Around-the-clock monitoring and response services from network access control (NAC) provide your business with much-needed protection. Using 1-click remediation and Windows Rollback makes it easy to restore a device to its previous version.

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