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2023: A Web Year in Review

AI Explodes, Mobile Reigns, Outages Rise
2023 was a year of explosive growth, shifting trends, and unsettling vulnerabilities for the internet.

Let's take a quick look at the year's defining moments:

AI Takes Center Stage: OpenAI's ChatGPT burst onto the scene, showcasing the power of generative AI to create realistic text formats.

Debunking 10 MSP Myths

Many businesses encounter myths that cloud their judgment. Let's clear the air on the top 10 misconceptions:
Myth #1: Costly?
Not Necessarily. Providers leverage economies of scale to secure better deals, potentially making it cheaper.
Myth #2: Replacement?
No way.

Cybersecurity Simplified: Automatic Patching for Your Business

In a world riddled with hackers, patching is your shield. Manual patching is slow, complex, and leaves gaps. Introducing automatic patching: your security knight in shining armor. It updates your systems – operating systems and apps – automatically, keeping you safe 24/7.

But what about third-party programs?
Fear not! Network Access' NetWatchmen helps with:

Patching all your software: We find, identify, and patch everything, even tricky third-party programs.

Choosing a Fortinet Partner

Fortinet is a complex and sophisticated security solution
Network Access Corporation's highly-trained certified engineers have the necessary skills and experience to ensure that your Fortinet equipment is configured properly and integrated seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

Maximizing IT Budgets

Unlocking Efficiency and Value
Are you seeking to maximize the value and efficiency of your IT budget? We understand the challenges businesses face in optimizing their IT investments, and we're here to assist.
Our key strategies for IT budget optimization include:
Cloud Cost Management: Embrace the scalability and flexibility of the cloud while effectively controlling costs.

Can AI Replace Internal IT?

Don't Fret! There are several reasons why AI is unlikely to replace your internal IT team
AI is not a one-size-fits-all solution: While AI is excellent at automating routine tasks, it cannot replicate the creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities of a human IT team.

On-Prem Vs. Cloud

The decision to choose between cloud infrastructure and on-premise server infrastructure can have significant implications on the bottom line. Both cloud and on-premise server infrastructure have their advantages and disadvantages, and understanding the differences between the two is crucial for any organization.

Employee Spotlight

Kurt Lambo
Solutions Architect

Education: Associate's degree in Computer Sciences from Pittsburgh Technical College

Experience: Network Access Employee since 2017

Focus: Network Security and Tennis

Fun Fact: Kurt's rated our highest engineer by customers

Cyber Liability and Your Business

The Importance of Multi-Factor Authorization
Would your business meet the current criteria to obtain or maintain cyber liability coverage?
Much like health insurance that individuals carry, cyber liability carriers ask a few “preexisting condition” questions, much like an application, to determine the insurability and rates for the entity requesting coverages.