Cyber Crime 101: How to Stay Informed and Defend Your Online Business Accounts Against it

Symantec, a well-known cyber security company, partnered with National Cyber Security Alliance to investigate small businesses and how they are affected by cybercrime.  What they found was surprising: 83 percent of these companies have no specific plan in place to protect against cybercrime and 69 percent have no plan at all.

5 Essential Tips to Protect Your Small Business Against Cyber Crime

Small businesses have become a prime target for cyber criminals in recent years. The potential rewards are smaller than those available from hacking corporations, but small enterprises are softer targets. A cyber criminal can breach the security systems of hundreds of small businesses in the time it takes to hack the protections of a corporation.

Lowering the Risk of Cyber-crime Starts at the Top

Having an account compromised is both infuriating and terrifying. Someone reaching into your personal information and using it for their own monetary gain is a personal violation most people would rather avoid. Big cyber-attacks on large corporations like Target, Home Depot, and even JP Morgan Chase make many consumers wonder not only if their information can ever really be safe, but also who is really to blame for not ensuring the safety of their accounts.