Data Backup and Disaster Recovery for businesses in Pittsburgh and the Western Pennsylvania area

The protection you need from critical data loss

From fires and storms to hardware failure and cyberattacks, there are limitless disasters that can befall your business and wipe the irreplaceable data it needs to function. Network Access’s NetWatchman Backup service includes a complete set of solutions to prevent the lost revenue and customer trust that critical data loss brings. We provide the solutions you need to protect everything you’ve built and provide expert maintenance and support services so you’re always ready.

For when after a disaster has passed, Network Access also assists with recovery planning to help you get back to full operations swiftly. Whether your organization is just in the initial phases of a disaster recovery planning initiative or you are looking to update your program, NetWatchman Backup has the process methodologies, services, and technological solutions that will ensure that your disaster recovery plan is successful and shields your organization from significant risk.

In a world where time is money, NetWatchman Data Backup and Recovery will save you both in the event of any tech disaster. No matter how complex or basic your system is, you can rely on us to get you up and running smoothly.

NetWatchman Backup includes:

  • Automated data backup systems that don’t use excessive computing resources
  • On- and off-site data storage that is fortified against physical and digital threats
  • Fast recovery tools that restore apps, data, and systems exactly as they were
  • Disaster planning services to guide your workforce through the recovery process
  • And much more