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Backup and Business Continuity

Get Peace of Mind with NetWatchman Managed Backup

Despite best efforts, it is likely that you are at risk of losing critical data. Anything from hard drive failure to cyber vandalism to natural disasters can wipe away years of irreplaceable data.

Managed Backup
Your only true defense is an appropriate, reliable managed backup plan that includes both on-site and off-site storage and is consistently tested and maintained. NetWatchman Data Backup Services can give you the protection you need from critical data loss.

NetWatchman Data Backup Services can give you the protection you need from critical data loss.


Our customized backup solutions and build in automation enable you to save not just your data but also your operating systems, applications, user configurations and setting so that even when disaster strikes you can restore your systems and be up and running quickly.

We have partnered with best-in-class IT data recovery providers to give you a wide range of choice in storage space, scalability, backup frequency, compliance, support and uptime. Now you can pick the backup options that best meet your business’s specific needs.

No matter how complex or basic your system is you can rely on us to get you up and running smoothly.

In a world where time is money, NetWatchman Data Backup will save you both in the event of any tech disaster.

Backup Stats Small Business Owners Should Know
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