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Gartner says, 80-85% of IT’s time is spent on IT maintenance and support ¹

Many of our clients have been quick to agree that the percentage sounds about right and many also admit that the volume of IT maintenance tasks that need to be completed is often overwhelming.

If it is true that 80-85% of an IT department’s time is spent on maintenance related tasks then that leaves only 15-20% of an IT department’s time to contribute directly to the core business of the organization. That’s why Gartner says that $8 of $10 of an IT department’s budget is dead money.

The high volume of maintenance tasks also prevent IT staff from:

          • Generating meaningful reports on the health and progress of IT
          • Creating and updating internal IT documentation
          • Contributing strategically to the organization with IT
          • Completing new projects
          • Keeping current on best practices
          • Keeping abreast of new technologies
          • Investing in personal growth and self development

it_consulting_img_1The pain of managing the balancing act between maintenance tasks and strategic projects is widespread in IT across every industry regardless of an organization’s size. If done correctly, with the right process focused IT services company, outsourcing part or all your IT can alleviate stress, dramatically reduce downtime, allowing you to focus on core business priorities and ultimately be more profitable.

Network Access, based in Pittsburgh PA, has highly skilled Solutions Architects certified in various networking, security, virtualization, storage and server platforms. Often in-house technical staff are overwhelmed or lack specific technical skills to design and plan the architecture of networks and systems to support your organization’s technology future. Our IT Consulting services team of certified solutions architects can step in and work with your technical staff to design networks and systems that will have the bandwidth and server capacity to support your mission critical applications and technologies that are in line with your business goals.

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No technology system will be without problems, and no single in-house staff can have all the knowledge on-hand to resolve your issues quickly and efficiently. With the collective expertise of our technical staff, Network Access will work closely with your IT team to get your system back on track so that your technology can continue to work for you.
With many vendors and technology solutions to choose from, discovering the best technology to suit your needs can be overwhelming. Let Network Access do the work for you. With NetWatchman IT Consulting services, our staff will evaluate vendors, compare technology solutions, and make customized recommendations that are compatible with your goals and budget.
Day-to-day operations and maintenance can make it almost impossible for your already overwhelmed staff to integrate new technology innovations for your organization. With Network Access’ integration services, you can take the stress and uncertainty out of new technology innovations and deploy with confidence and thoroughness. Our certified technology experts at Network Access leverage their knowledge from manufacturer training combined with their experience of many other client environments, to implement new innovations for your organization that are fast, reliable and secure.
Full system upgrades and large technology deployments require collaborative expertise and careful planning. Network Access’ IT Consulting services simplifies this process by coordinating your staff with experts and technology vendors. Your Network Access certified Project Management Professional (PMP) can structure a customized schedule and ensure each element is installed on time and on budget all while keeping you posted every step of the way.
Modern systems require a collaboration of technologies from multiple vendors. With Network Access’ Vendor Maintenance & Support, you can simplify vendor management and stop juggling multiple vendor contacts. Let NetWatchman IT Consulting be your one call for service. The technical staff at Network Access will facilitate product remediation on your behalf and take the tedium out of vendor management.
A typical IT environment consists of many different technologies that require multiple vendor contracts all with different termination dates. With Network Access’ IT Consulting and Co-Terminus Contract Management, you can take the confusion out of renewals and prevent license and support lapses. Our staff will work with you to generate a list of your technology devices and collaborate with your various vendors to schedule a concurrent date for renewals.
Network Access’ Customized Financing service can construct financing schedules unique to our clients’ individual needs. Instead of procuring equipment that may soon be obsolete, our technology rental program allows you to deploy new technology without risking your own capital.