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NetWatchman Cyber Security Monitoring

Perimeter security is not 100% effective. Give your organization a 360-degree view into the Cyber Security activity  on your network and endpoints

NetWatchman Cyber Security Monitoring platform provides a simplified, cost-effective way for organizations with limited security staff and budget to detect and respond to threats and address compliance needs. With essential security controls built-in, NetWatchman Cyber Security Monitoring puts complete security visibility within fast and easy reach of smaller security teams who need to do more with less.

Cyber Security Monitoring Alien Vault


With NetWatchman Cyber Security Monitoring, you get something more valuable than just a solution — your time and peace of mind. By removing the need to manage the complex and confusing security and threat prevention issues and tasks, your organization’s time and energy can be directed to more important business critical functions.

Whether large or small, all organizations need complete visibility to:

  • Detect emerging threats across your environment
  • Respond quickly to incidents and conduct thorough investigations
  • Measure, manage, and report on compliance (PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and more)
  • Optimize your existing security investments and reduce risk
NetWatchman Cyber Security Monitoring delivers this complete security visibility by providing the five essential security capabilities in a unified platform, controlled by a single management console:

  • Asset Discovery – active and passive network discovery
  • Vulnerability Assessment – active network scanning, continuous vulnerability monitoring
  • Threat Detection – network and host IDS, file integrity monitoring
  • Behavioral Monitoring – netflow analysis, log normalization, service availability monitoring
  • Security Intelligence – log management, SIEM event correlation
NetWatchman Cyber Security Monitoring will alleviate your organization from the effort and worry associated with deploying and managing critical threat prevention infrastructure technology support including:

  • Provisioning of enterprise class security infrastructure consistent with your security and bandwidth needs.
  • Configuration and optimization of a comprehensive threat prevention strategy that includes options such as:
    • Email protection, GEO Blocking, Firewall, Virus Scanning, Content Filtering, Intrusion Detection Systems, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Remote Site VPN, Remote User VPN.
    • Complete installation, documentation and network management setup by our own NetWatchman certified industry experts.
NetWatchman Cyber Security Monitoring provides:

  • 7×24×365 Cyber Threat Monitoring and Automated Threat Notification
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Advanced GEO Blocking
  • Email Threat Protection
  • Virus and Malware Detection and Reporting
  • Authorized and Unauthorized User Application Reporting
  • Web Content Blocking, Filtering and Reporting
  • Compliance and System Availability Reporting
  • High Availability/Fault Tolerant Reliability
  • Threat Analysis and Remediation of Technology and Carrier Services
  • Minor Security Policy Administration – Additions and/or Changes