Network Access Security Assessment

Network Access Security Assessment

The benefits of a secured network

There are immediate benefits to having a secured network. For companies, there are great financial benefits to be realized, while for individuals there is the peace of mind that a hacker can’t just break into your computer. To enjoy these benefits you need a strategic security company that is able to perform effective security assessment and penetration testing on a regular basis.
Network Access will ensure that vulnerabilities in your network are identified and resolved to prevent the likelihood of hackers getting access to your network. Here are some other benefits of getting your network assessed for security purposes.

Good Knowledge and Clear Understanding

The information that you receive from a Network Access assessment will perfect your knowledge and understanding of current security risks. Some experts will tell you that one of the very first steps in getting a secured network is to understand your organization’s security state.

When your understanding is clear and complete, you will be better able to identify your network vulnerabilities. This will help you in your efforts to protect critical business information, confidentiality and the integrity of your business.

Established Internal Awareness of Information Security Risks

Internal awareness and vigilance will be increased, thus increasing your chances of finding holes in your network that can be exploited by hankers.

Not only will you benefit from identifying holes quicker, but more informed decisions can be made by management in addressing weaknesses present in the processing, storing and channeling of data throughout the organizational security controls.

Improvements to the Overall Security System

With periodical reviews, evaluations and assessments of your network there will be the added benefit of an improved overall security posture.

Of course, when improving your network’s security, you will need to bear in mind that the information that is pertinent to the business’ objectives is the focal point of security.

Also by performing penetration testing and security assessment, you will be in a position to proactively secure and resolve any weakness before it is exploited by unlawful hackers.