Organizations have become so dependent on technology that when applications become unavailable, we often see employees pack it in and go home for the day. 

Most all organizations have become extremely technology centric relying on the availability of business critical cloud/SaaS applications, email, voice/video collaboration, web access and more.  For many organizations, the loss of internet or WAN connectivity causes a major business impact and can bring operations to a screeching halt.

SD WAN will provide you with protection against the next major carrier outage.


So what is SD-WAN?

NetWatchman SD-WAN is an application of software defined networking (SDN) that is applied to WAN connections and used to connect enterprise locations across any distance. It is comprised of a combination of integrated, redundant communications failover technologies that provide for the automated recovery of a failed hardware device or telecommunications circuit. SD-WAN essentially provides a redundant path that your data can ride on in the event your primary path or connection fails.

Professionally customized for your business needs

NetWatchman SD-WAN will keep your internet or WAN always on and provide the following benefits:

  • Works with any WAN architecture
  • QoS prioritization of data for voice, video and many other applications
  • Eliminate your reliance on dedicated circuits allowing flexibility for carrier choices
  • Deploys 20x faster than MPLS
  • Provisioning of enterprise class communications infrastructure consistent with your
    bandwidth and support needs.
  • Configuration and optimization of a comprehensive fault tolerant infrastructure that will
    facilitate the automated failover to back up hardware devices, circuits or VPNs.
  • Complete installation, documentation and network management setup by our own certified
    industry experts.

Enjoy the following worry free benefits of a NetWatchman SD-WAN fully managed solution:

  • 7×24×365 Monitoring and Automated Alert Notification
  • High Availability/Fault Tolerant Reliability
  • Quarterly Failover Testing
  • Full Problem Remediation of Technology and Carrier Services
  • Performance reporting

NetWatchman SD-WAN will provide the fault tolerant access you can count on for a secure, fast and reliable data experience for your organization. By removing the need to manage the complex and confusing carrier and technical implementation tasks, your organization’s time and energy can be directed to more important issues or projects.

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