Why Your Business Needs to Consider a Cybersecurity Assessment

Why Your Business Needs to Consider a Cybersecurity Assessment

Cyber threats are an all too common challenge for businesses of any size. A cybersecurity incident can happen to your company in many different ways, such as phishing scams, ransomware, malware, or software vulnerabilities. One way to stay proactive against these evolving threats is to conduct a cybersecurity assessment for your business. A cybersecurity assessment can play a key role in keeping your company safe by identifying potential problems before it's too late.

Here are a few of the main reasons to consider a cybersecurity assessment for your business.

1) Identity Vulnerabilities

Another benefit of conducting a cybersecurity assessment is that it helps to identify vulnerabilities within your network and IT security system. These vulnerabilities can be wide-ranging, such as unpatched software or misconfigured firewalls. Finding these potential vulnerabilities beforehand allows an IT service provider to develop a patch or make changes to take care of this problem before it causes widespread damage to your business.

2) Protect Against Business Disruption 

The most costly thing that can happen to your business today is downtime. These gaps can cost your organization countless dollars and make it impossible for your employees to stay productive. Cybersecurity incidents are one of the most frequent causes of downtime in the workplace. One of the best ways to limit downtime is to use a managed IT service provider to conduct cybersecurity assessments. These professionals will look at ways to strengthen your IT security and give you the best protection against cyber threats.

3) Stay in Compliance

Most organizations must follow strict compliance guidelines in handling personal data for clients. A data breach can often lead to expensive fines while also ruining your reputation. Recovering from a data breach doesn't happen overnight but it's often a long-term process. Performing cybersecurity assessments is an excellent way to stay in compliance and ensure your business is taking the necessary steps in keeping data safe from cybercriminals.

NetWatchman Managed Services offers cybersecurity assessments and comprehensive reporting for a wide range of businesses. Our goal is to give your organization the best protection available, as we provide network, internal vulnerability, security, virtualization, and wireless assessments. We also provide penetration tests and compliance audits for businesses. All of these cybersecurity assessments play a key role in identifying vulnerabilities and helping your business to find a solution to these problems.

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