Why Routine Vulnerability Scanning Keeps Your Business Safe Copy

Why Routine Vulnerability Scanning Keeps Your Business Safe Copy

Cybercriminals often look at ways to take advantage of network vulnerabilities to gain access to confidential data from your business. One data breach can lead to substantial costs for your company while also damaging your reputation. Staying proactive against these evolving threats is essential to IT security. Implementing routine vulnerability scanning from a managed IT service provider can play a critical role in keeping your business safe against these cyber threats.

Here is why vulnerability scanning is an essential cybersecurity tool for businesses.

Stay Up to Date With Latest Vulnerabilities

One of the main challenges to cybersecurity is keeping up with the ever-changing threats. Cybercriminals can quickly find a vulnerability that can lead to widespread damage to your business if you take a reactive approach to IT security. On the other hand, using routine scanning services will keep you up to date on the latest vulnerabilities impacting your business. An IT service provider will immediately begin working on a solution to take care of these vulnerabilities to ensure your company is always well protected.

Confirmation When/If a Vulnerability is Resolved

Trying to stay a step ahead of vulnerabilities is often a stressful experience. Sometimes these vulnerabilities are resolved quickly, while others take a much longer time to get fixed. Knowing whenever a vulnerability is resolved will give you peace of mind. You can also take additional security measures while you wait for a vulnerability to be fixed to increase data protection and limit the chance of a cybersecurity incident.

Insight on How Your Network Looks to Attackers

Understanding how attackers can view your network is another crucial aspect of vulnerability scanning. Using this software makes it possible for you to gain additional insights into how your network appears to these cybercriminals. You can often quickly locate security flaws or potential weaknesses within your network. A managed service provider will develop a plan to resolve these vulnerabilities as soon as possible to limit the chance of attackers taking advantage of these weaknesses.

Cyber-Liability Insurance May Require These Scans

Cyber-liability insurance can play a key role in giving you financial protection against cyber attacks. However, it's important to know the details of your insurance policy to understand the requirements. Many insurance providers require you to take additional security precautions, such as investing in vulnerability scanning services. A managed service provider will review your cyber-liability insurance policy to ensure you always stay in compliance with these guidelines.

Partner With Network Access for Vulnerability Scanning Services

Network Access is a managed service provider that works with a variety of businesses. Our IT company has three decades of experience providing cybersecurity solutions for businesses in numerous industries. We will conduct internal and external vulnerability scans to help mitigate cyber threats while also securing the IT infrastructure of our clients. Our company also specializes in help desk support, strategic consulting, disaster recovery, and much more.

Feel free to contact Network Access to learn more about using our vulnerability scanning services!