5 Ways to Prepare Your Hybrid Workforce

5 Ways to Prepare Your Hybrid Workforce

A hybrid workforce gives your employees the flexibility to work in the office or from home. This model is quickly becoming the norm in many industries due to the impact of the pandemic. Understanding how to ease the transition process for your business is key, as working with a managed IT service provider can help prepare your company for this evolving work environment.

Here are five ways to get ready for a hybrid workforce.

1) Hybrid Exchange

Hybrid exchange deployment makes it possible for your business to experience the benefits of the cloud without sacrificing any of the features from your existing on-premise software for Microsoft Exchange. Secure mail routing and centralized control make it much easier to increase security and better manage a hybrid workforce.

2) Azure Integration

Microsoft Azure integration enables businesses to quickly deploy and manage different applications with ease on the cloud. The pay-as-you-go model is a great way to eliminate unnecessary costs while allowing your business to fully take advantage of its many features for your team.

3) Premise and Cloud Migration

Choosing to migrate to the cloud provides immense benefits, such as reducing costs, improving efficiency, and giving you much-needed scalability. An IT service provider will guide your company throughout the entire migration process to help minimize downtime while allowing your business to fully take advantage of the cloud.

4) Hybrid Server Resources

Hybrid servers make it possible to optimize workload resources in the cloud. Using hybrid servers also gives you greater data security by making it easier to implement disaster recovery plans. Businesses can often lower expenses by using hybrid server resources with a managed service provider.

5) Cloud/On-Premise Remote Access

A hybrid workforce can stay productive for your business at home or in the office. Cloud and on-premise remote access enable your team to work on documents in real-time, whether they are in the same building or two different cities. The flexibility to access these files from any device is a necessity in today's work environment.

The hybrid workforce will continue to make a big impact on a wide range of industries. Network Access will work with your company throughout each stage of this transition process. Our team will deploy secure hybrid workforce solutions allowing businesses to grow without being confined to traditional brick and mortar security controls and systems. Give Network Access a call today to learn more!