What You Should Know About Log Monitoring for Regulatory Compliance

The threat from hackers and cyberattackers has never been greater, and no company is too small, or too large, to fall victim to this danger. Whether you own a small mom-and-pop shop, a major multinational corporation or a business that is somewhere in between, you cannot afford to leave the security of your firm, and the customer information you collect, to chance.

Cyber Crime 101: How to Stay Informed and Defend Your Online Business Accounts Against it

Symantec, a well-known cyber security company, partnered with National Cyber Security Alliance to investigate small businesses and how they are affected by cybercrime.  What they found was surprising: 83 percent of these companies have no specific plan in place to protect against cybercrime and 69 percent have no plan at all.

3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Migrate to Office 365

Many small businesses have migrated to the cloud, often with mixed results. In the past, the technology wasn't as reliable as it was now. Another weak point was that migrating and adjusting to the change took valuable time.

Microsoft made sure that won't be the case with Office 365.

Microsoft's primary focus is on making the software viable for small businesses.