Secure Your Organization Before It’s Too Late

Secure Your Organization Before It’s Too Late

Today is the era of Information, or more precisely “Information Technology”. From a small private school fees management system to a multi-national organization’s complex Information management systems, everything is dependent on the smooth running of IT systems. But how reliable are these IT systems? Surely these systems are reliable when it comes to complex calculations but what about the secrecy, privacy and security of your data. According to Moore’s law, technology doubles after roughly two years. But as technology becomes more sophisticated, it becomes more vulnerable to internal as well as external risks and threats as well.

Today, the number of known software vulnerabilities has reached up to 60,000. It should be no surprise that the number is increasing with every passing year. Someone is always looking to find and exploit these vulnerabilities. More complex IT systems mean better efficiency at one hand but on the other hand, it also means that the system is prone to become vulnerable.

Your system is like a big fort with a ready enemy outside its gate. The enemy (or the hackers in our case) does not need to destroy the whole fort. Instead, only a small weaker point is usually the deciding factor between victory and defeat. Similarly, vulnerability assessment is designed to identify these weak spots. Most of these vulnerable points often go undetected unless you specifically look out for them. It is virtually impossible for any in-house IT department to lookout for 60,000 plus vulnerabilities. Moreover, the implications of these vulnerabilities can be severe if left undetected and can range from certain down time to potential loss of theft of confidential data.

While you continue to enjoy the limitless benefits of modern Information Technology systems, you must also consider professional vulnerability assessment. At Network Access, we use state-of-the-art technology and penetration techniques to carry out vulnerability assessment of your system. The Network Access vulnerability assessment is able to identify any likely network, web application, server and/or operating system vulnerability or threat.

We perform a detailed analysis in order to find both internal and external vulnerabilities in your system. These tests are flexible and are focused to your individual system assessment. It is surely impossible to mitigate potential threats and risks without the knowledge of known vulnerabilities. Once a vulnerability has been identified, a detail report is also formulated. This report includes explanation related to each individual vulnerable point found in your system along with its severity scale. Our experts also provide thorough guidance about the most suitable remedial steps.

If the success of your organization relies on the effectiveness of Information Technology systems then you would not want to risk and leave everything on chance. Moreover, vulnerability assessment becomes more important if you are in an industry where certain IT compliance standards are applicable. Lastly, such an assessment helps you to get a better understanding of your internal systems as well. You can be stress-free related to your IT systems and any danger these systems might possess as long as you decide to choose Network Access.