Why Is It Important to Monitor Privileged User Accounts?

Why Is It Important to Monitor Privileged User Accounts?

Many business owners understand how important privileged user accounts are. After all, it's a great way of establishing a hierarchy that goes hand in hand with today's technological advancements, and it ensures the data your company handles is secure, since nobody with unauthorized access gets to compromise it.

However, a business is not effectively secure from a tech perspective until it implements a way to properly monitor the privileged user accounts it has. Unfortunately, not many business owners understand how important that is, so we took the liberty to put together a small list that showcases everything you need to know:

  1. The access admin privileged user accounts have to valuable information can be exploited
    It's particularly important to keep a close eye on accounts that have admin access to the data stored on your servers. While it's vital to keep all privileged accounts in check, those that have admin access should be your main concern.

    In our opinion, it's easy to see why. These kinds of accounts have access to high-tier sensitive data that is crucial for the success of the company. So, if their privileges end up being exploited, the damages that will follow will be immense.

    However, you should do more than just monitor them. We recommend you don't bestow privileges on regular admin accounts, but instead make individual admin accounts that should only be used if the user requires access to sensitive information.

    Also, remember to always monitor the accounts of the higher-ups in the company, like the CFO, CEO or the head of HR for instance.

  2. Monitoring privileged user accounts enhances the password efficiency
    Even with privileged user accounts that have admin credentials, passwords can still be at risk of getting abused by unauthorized users who are tech-savvy. A complex policy that dictates when users need to change their passwords is the key to ensuring your company's data will never fall into the wrong hands.After all, if you just ignore the accounts and never have the user change the passwords every month or so, there is a high chance that somebody will eventually find a way to exploit that weakness and use it to their advantage, which means that you will be the one who will stand to lose something.

    And we don't just mean that regular privileged account users have to change their passwords. Everybody in the company, no matter how high the position, has to do it. Actually, the higher-ups should change their passwords even more often than the rest of the employees.

  3. Admin users will learn how to make better use of the privileges they have
    A quality privileged account management system is exactly what you need if you want to make sure the admin users are more careful with the way they use the privileges they have. Even if they end up with individual admin accounts like we mentioned above, it's still important to enforce this system to ensure said accounts and privileges don't get abused.In turn, not only will the security be improved, but admin users will also learn how to efficiently use their privileges and delegate them accordingly. 

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