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15 Tips for Online Safety & Security

With more and more people gaining access to the Internet every day, the importance of ensuring that you and your information remain secure while using the Internet for personal or business reasons cannot be stressed enough. Cyber attacks, viruses, malware, and unwanted intrusions into “secure” computing systems occur frequently and these issues cannot be completely eradicated.

5 Things That Affect Cyber Security In Small Businesses

Business computers and servers are being compromised more frequently, and good security policies are essential. Lax employee security habits are often a contributing factor in hackers gaining access to sensitive business information. Being a small business owner is challenging, and you have invested time, money, energy, and heart into building your company.

The need for an IT Security Framework

In every business whether it be manufacturing, law, non-profit or healthcare there exists a need for Standard Operating Procedures. These procedures outline how to react to events, how to perform business functions, and reference material if required. In IT Security standard operating procedures are written by institutions or government organizations as recommendations or a framework on how to adequately secure your network.