Appropriate Paranoia: Information in Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is the storage of your information on a distant hard drive which you access via the internet. By using cloud storage, people are able to store large amounts of data without personally owning and operating the hardware on which it is stored; users are also able to access the data from multiple locations and devices without the need to run their own online server.

Understanding the Benefits of Using a VPN

There are many ways to connect to the public Internet and company networks, but those solutions are often less than optimal. Public Internet connections can be hacked, and even seemingly secure networks often suffer from unknown vulnerabilities.

That may be why so many security-conscious companies rely on virtual private networks to tunnel traffic between their employees and the outside world.

Defense in Depth

Defense in Depth also known as the Castle Approach is an information assurance concept. It is defined as a concept in which multiple layers of security controls are placed throughout an information technology system. As compared to the Castle Approach one layer of security is simply not enough, the moat will not keep all the attackers away.

Seven Cyber Security Trends in 2016

Cyber Security is no longer a PC concern but has taken over mobile and cloud-based networks this year. Coupled with increased security risks and breaches at top firms and Fortune 500 companies, 2016 will be a year of change and revelations

1. Knowledge And Resources For Mobile Cyber Security

New trends such as Bring Your Own Device(BYOD) and businesses that use mobile only devices have left gaping holes for social engineers and cyber criminals to slither through.